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Sundried Tomato Pesto Mozzarella Panini
Item No. 16621
12 147g 443.94 Panini [Fortified WHEAT Flour [WHEAT Flour, Calcium Carbonate, Iron, Niacin (B3), Thiamin (B1)] Water, Palm Oil, Rapeseed Oil, Skimmed MILK Powder, Sugar, Salt, Yeast, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Emulsifier: Mono & Di-Glycerides of Fatty Acids, Malted WHEAT Flour, Flour Treatment Agent: Ascorbic Acid], Basil Pesto (19%) [Basil, Rapeseed Oil, Regato Cheese (MILK), White Cheddar (MILK), Olive Oil, Garlic Puree, Salt, Black Pepper], Mozzarella Cheese (MILK) (15%), Sun Dried Tomatoes (15%) [Rehydrated Tomatoes, Sunflower Oil, Salt, Garlic, Oregano, Parsley, Onion, Acidity Regulator (E330), Antioxidant (E300)]. Cooking instructions may vary depending on appliance. These instructions are given as a guide only. Please ensure that the product is piping hot and a core product temperature of 75°c throughout before serving. Ready to Cook Product (RTC). Oven Cook: Preheat Oven to 180⁰C/350⁰F / Gas Mark 4. Place panini in unopened packaging onto a baking tray. Place the baking tray onto the middle shelf of the pre-heated oven. Cook for 15-17 minutes. Ensure product reaches a minimum 75⁰C throughout the product before serving. Panini Grill: Preheat grill at 180 ⁰C. Place panini in unopened packaging on the preheat Panini grill. Cook for 10 minutes. Ensure product reaches a minimum 75ᵒC throughout the product before serving. Microwave: Place panini, in unopened packaging onto a microwaveable plate. Microwave at 1000W for 1 minute. Allow to stand prior to consumption. Ensure product reaches a minimum 75⁰C throughout the product before serving. Merry Chef E3: Preheat oven to 250⁰C. Place panini in unopened packaging on a tray. Cook for 1 minute 10 seconds. Ensure product reaches a minimum 75⁰C throughout the product before serving. Stage 1: Fan – 70%, Microwave -80% 3 hours per 100g 1264 302 15.2 4.14 29.2 3 2 11.1 1.3 No Yes No No No
Preproved Selection Croissant
Item No. 25005
110 55g 187 WHEAT flour, water, fine butter (MILK) 18%, yeast, sugar, EGG, salt, WHEAT GLUTEN, flour treatment agents (alpha-amylases, hemicellulases, E300) Contains Cereals including gluten, Eggs and Milk, May contain traces of nuts, soya and sesame seeds. Defrost for 5 to 10 minutes at room temperature. Then bake 14 to 16 minutes in a preheated oven at 165-175 degrees 24h per 100g 1425 340 16 9.9 40 6 2.3 7.9 1 430 No Yes No No No
Pain aux Raisins
Item No. 402663
60 110g 314.6 wheat flour ( origin: France), custard cream 20% ( water, sugar, modified starch, whey, cream powder, skimmed milk powder, milk proteins, egg white powder, thickener [ E401 ], flavourings, colour [ beta-carotene ] ), butter 15.5%, raisins 15% ( raisins, vegetable oils [ sunflower ou rapeseed ou, cotton ] ), water, sugar, yeast, whole eggs, salt, wheat gluten, deactivated yeast, malted wheat flour, flour treatment agent ( E300 ), enzymes ( amylases, xylanases ). 1 Day per 100g 1198 286 13 8.9 36 15 1.7 4.7 0.69 No Yes No No No
Pain au Chocolat
Item No. 402907
68 80g 286.4 WHEAT flour (origin: France), water, BUTTER 16%, chocolate 10% (sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, emulsifier [ sunflower lecithin E322], natural vanilla flavouring), sugar, yeast, whole EGGS, WHEAT GLUTEN, salt, malted WHEAT flour, deactivated yeast, flour treatment agent (E300), enzymes (hemicellulases, xylanases, alpha-amylases, cellulases, transglutaminases). For allergens, including cereals containing gluten, see ingredients in CAPITALS. Preheat the oven to : 190°C Thaw the product for 30 minutes at room temperature Baking with steam : 20 - 22 mns at 165°C Baking instructions may vary with the equipment used. 1 Day per 100g 1505 358 15 9.7 47 10 1.9 7.9 0.91 364 No Yes No No No
Cheese Twist
Item No. 831265
56 90g 263.7 WHEAT flour, water, palm fat, whole MILK, CREAM, EGGS, mix of cheeses (3%) (EMMENTAL, GOUDA, GOYA, potato starch), GOUDA (3%), EGG white, yeast, modified starch, WHEY powder, chives, rapeseed oil, sugar, MUSTARD (water, MUSTARD seed, vinegar, salt, sugar, spice), iodized salt (salt, potassium iodate), salt, glucose syrup, thickener (E 401, E 412), pepper, MILK protein, stabilizer (E 450), WHEAT GLUTEN, WHEAT malt flour, emulsifier (E 472e), SOYA flour, dextrose, flour treating agent (lipo-oxygenase, cellulases, amylases, oxidases, E 300, alpha-amylases, hemicellulase), LACTOSE, spice, acidity regulator (E 341, E 262), carrot extract, flavouring, carthamus extract. 12h at room temperature per 100g 1223 293 15.8 8.6 29.7 4.1 1.7 7.3 1.2 No Yes No No No