Sweet Petits Fours

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2 trays of 57 units. 7 Pistachio rectangles, 6 Lemon Macaroon tartlets, 7 Raspberry tartlets, 5 Chocolate éclairs, 5 Coffee éclairs, 7 Caramel squares, 7 Praline tartlets, 6 Morello Cherry & Pistachio Moelleux, 7 Opera rectangles. TIP! Remove protective sleeve prior to defrosting for the perfect finish
Allergens - For allergens, including cereals containing gluten, see ingredients in bold and/or CAPITALS. May contain traces of peanut, and other nuts . Disclaimer: Information provided, including ingredients and allergens, is for customer assistance. Please read product packaging for accurate details as suppliers may change product contents without notice.

Ingredients - 12% Lemon financier (sugar, butter (MILK), water, EGG white (Free range EGGS), pasteurized whole EGG (Barn EGG), EGG yolk (Barn EGGS), WHEAT flour, ALMOND powder, glucose syrup, 2% lemon juice concentrate, maize starch, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, gelling agents (E401, E440ii), salt, acid E330, lemon essential oil, emulsifier E322 (SOYA)),

Ingredients - 12% Opera square (sugar, pasteurized whole EGG (Barn EGG), butter (MILK), water, 7% chocolate (cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, emulsifier E322 (SOYA)), cream (MILK), ALMOND powder, 6% chocolate coating (cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, emulsifier E322 (SOYA)), EGG white (Free range EGGS), 2% coffee extract, WHEAT flour, cocoa mass, vegetable oil rapeseed, concentrated butter (MILK), cocoa butter, colouring E100, stabiliser E407),

Ingredients - 12% Praline barquette (butter (MILK), 15% praline (sugar, HAZELNUTS, ALMONDS, vanilla powder), sugar, semi skimmed MILK, WHEAT flour, pasteurized whole EGG (Barn EGG), cocoa butter, ALMOND powder, EGG yolk (Barn EGGS), HAZELNUT flour, whole MILK powder, maize starch, cocoa mass, citric fibre, invert sugar syrup, salt, raising agents (E500, E450), emulsifier E322 (SOYA), natural vanilla flavouring), 12% Chocolate biscuit raspberry jelly and decor raspberry (44% raspberries, sugar, ALMOND powder, pasteurized whole EGG (Barn EGG), butter (MILK), glucose syrup, water, invert sugar syrup, low fat cocoa powder, gelling agents (E401, E440ii), maize starch, acid E330),

Ingredients - 11% Moelleux pistachio morello cherry (sugar, ALMOND powder, pasteurized whole EGG (Barn EGG), 16% sour cherries, butter (MILK), glucose syrup, water, apples, 1,8% chopped PISTACHIOS, invert sugar syrup, gelling agents (E401, E440ii), natural flavouring, acid E330, salt, colouring E141), 11% Pistachio financier, flavoured (sugar, semi skimmed MILK, EGG white (Free range EGGS), butter (MILK), cream (MILK), WHEAT flour, ALMOND powder, 4% chopped PISTACHIOS, water, glucose syrup, 2% PISTACHIO, EGG yolk (Barn EGGS), natural flavourings, maize starch, gelling agents (E401, E440ii), spirulina, salt, colouring E100, stabiliser E407, acid E330), 10% coffee eclair (water, sugar, pasteurized whole EGG (Barn EGG), WHEAT flour, cream (MILK), vegetable fats (palm kernel, palm, shea), butter (MILK), WHEY, skimmed MILK powder, glucose syrup, maltodextrin, LACTOSE, vegetable oil copra, 0,4% soluble coffee, gelling agents (E407, E401, E415, E440ii), natural coffee flavouring (coffee), salt, MILK protein, sequestrant E339, emulsifier E322 (SOYA), natural vanilla flavouring, acid E330, stabiliser E407)

Ingredients - 10% Apple caramel entremet (cream (MILK), sugar, EGG white (Free range EGGS), 11% apple dices, glucose syrup, ALMOND powder, 6% caramel (sugar, cream (MILK), glucose syrup, butter (MILK), water, salt, stabiliser E407), water, EGG yolk (Barn EGGS), WHEAT flour, 1,1% aromatic caramel, pork gelatine, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, butter (MILK), potato starch, gelling agents (E401, E440ii), acid E330, stabiliser E407, maltodextrin, thickeners (E412, E415), emulsifier E322 (SOYA)), 10% Chocolat eclair (water, pasteurized whole EGG (Barn EGG), sugar, WHEAT flour, butter (MILK), 4% couverture chocolate (cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, emulsifier E322 (SOYA), vanilla powder), cocoa mass, vegetable fats (palm, shea), skimmed MILK powder, glucose syrup, low fat cocoa powder, cream (MILK), gelling agents (E407, E401, E415, E440ii), maltodextrin, salt, LACTOSE, sequestrant E339, natural vanilla flavouring, emulsifier E322 (SOYA), acid E330, stabiliser E407).

Preparation Guidelines - Defrost for 2-2.5 hours at 0-4C

Shelf Life - 24h at 0-4°C

Nutritional Values - per 100g

Energy (kJ) - 1586

Energy (kcal) - 380

Total Fat (g) - 22.9

Saturated (g) - 10.6

Available Carbohydrate (g) - 35.7

Sugar (g) - 27.1

Dietary Fibre (g) - 2

Protein (g) - 6.8

Total Salt (g) - 0.274

Sodium (Na) (mg) - 109.6

Technical Information

SKU: 27427

Packing Quantity: 114

Weight: 13.5g

Product state (Catalogue format) Fully Baked: Fully Baked

Gluten Free: No

Halal Certified: No

Kosher Certified: No

Vegan: No

Vegetarian: No

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